Internal Audit & Risk Management
Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services

Our internal audit team seeks to deliver more strategic value to our client by conducting regular and timely audits on the business processes and identifying the strategic risk that can truly impact shareholders value.

Our Services include :

Internal audit unit development

Based on our experiences in many industries, we support the management of the company to establish Internal Audit department of which the most efficient and effective. We understand that every company is unique and has it own environment. They may differ in terms of size, complexity of the business process, regulation and so on, therefore we should consider them in developing the internal audit unit.

We may assist in developing the concept of Internal Audit Charter, the Internal Audit Manual as well as the Internal Audit Procedures.

Internal audit outsource services

In some cases, the management of the company want to focus on their main business, i.e, production or selling. They put concern on those area to ensure accomplishment of their strategic objectives. Nevertheless they also understand that control activities is also important. In such situation we provide the management our best professional to assist them performing internal control activities.

Based on their risk assessment, we conduct internal audit during the company’s operation. It will cover all of functions in the company, includes but not limited to marketing and sales activities, production activities, procurement activities, inventory and warehouse activities, human resources activities, etc.

Relevant Contacts

  • Robi Barmawanto
    Robi is Consulting Partner at Nexia KPS
  • Muhammad Rizal
    Muhammad Rizal is a Patner at Nexia KPS