Iskandar Dzulqarnain

(English) Iskandar is a partner in the Nexia KPS. He graduated from Airlangga University in 2004. He currently has extensive exposure to Foreign, Local, and State Financial Institutions. Has handled various types of industries such as Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Tourism and Hospitality, Education and Non-Profit Organization.

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Professional experience

(English) More than 15 years experience in a public accounting firm. Has handled various types of manufacturing and service clients, as well as auditing state-owned tertiary institutions.


  • Licensed Public Accountant
  • State Certificate of Registered Accountants Reg. RNA 6124, Chartered Accountant (CA) Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI) and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Indonesian CPA Institute
  • Registered to the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK), OJK Banking, OJK Capital Market, and OJK IKNB
  • Registered to Bank Indonesia (BI)
  • Registered to BPK RI
  • Mastering Indonesian and English


  • Indonesia business environment and assurance services
  • Handling clients of state owned enterprises needs specific and unique approach, including technical and also importantly the communication as well as knowledge of governance practices in public sector.

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