Suhartono is a Managing Partner at Nexia KPS. He obtained his Masters in Professional Accounting at the University of Texas At Austin in 1993, Suhartono has a broad exposure to various financial, internet, railroad, manufacturing and agriculture industries, and tourism. Suhartono was also active in the professional organization of the Indonesian Public Accountants Association.

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Professional experience

Suhartono is one of the founding partner of the firm since the year 2000. Previously worked as Government Auditor and also management consultancy and lecturer. Currently Suhartono is present as Managing partner and also Audit partner.
Experience of working with international clients and/or working with other Nexia member firms on international clients of Nexia Singapore, Germany, UK, Suhartono is also experience in services for state owned, public and private enterprises, including workers and health social security, hospitality, manufacturing, coal mining, NGO’s, and other services.


  • Earned Accountant Degree from State college of Accountancy in Indonesia and MPA (Master in Profesional accounting) from UT Austin, USA.
  • State Registered Accountant Reg. RNA 2865 , Chartered Accountant (CA) of Indonesia Institute of Accontants (IAI) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) of Institute of Indonesia CPA
  • Public Accountant License from the MOF
  • Registered at : Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK)and Capital Market, Government Auditor Office,
  • Board of IAPI (Indonesia Institute of CPA),
  • Honorary Board of IKAI (Indonesia Institute of Audit Committee),
  • Head of Board of Certification of Indonesia CPA,
  • Member of Board of Certification of Audit Committe Practices in Indonesia
  • Member of AMCI (ASEAN CPA Monitoring Committee Indonesia)
  • Member of HKPI (Indonesia Institute of Curator and Receiver)
  • Language : Indonesia language and English.


  • Indonesia business environment and assurance services
  • Handling clients of state owned enterprises needs specific and unique approach, including technical and also importantly the communication as well as knowledge of governance practices in public sector.
  • Responsible as International Nexia contact partner, thus filtering clients needs and channelling to the relevant persons

Head Office Contacts

  • Suhartono
    Suhartono is Managing Partner at Nexia KPS
  • Robi Barmawanto
    Robi is Consulting Partner at Nexia KPS
  • Safrin Simarmata
    Safrin is Audit Partner in Nexia KPS
  • Syamsudin
    Syamsudin is Audit Partner at Nexia KPS
  • Andy Eldes
    Andy Eldes is Audit Partner at Nexia KPS
  • Aris Suryanta
    Aris Suryanta is Audit Partner in Nexia KPS
  • Sri Yanto
    Sri Yanto is Partner in Nexia KPS