PELITA QR Code for Better Independent Auditor Reports

NEWS / 29 Jun 2022

Ministry of Finance – On December 14, 2021, Minister of Finance Regulation No. 186/PMK.01/2021 has been stipulated regarding the Guidance and Supervision of Public Accountants.

This regulation replaces the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 154/PMK.01/2017. One of the objectives is to protect the public accounting profession from attempts to falsify the Independent Auditor’s Report (LAI) and to provide information about the LAI that is more guaranteed to be accurate.

This goal can be achieved by using information technology. The QR Code feature is a technology that can provide protection as well as confirmation of the authenticity of data or information.

Therefore, Minister of Finance Regulation Number 186/PMK.01/2021 specifically requires the use of the QR code feature on LAI. This is stated in Article 39 paragraph 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 186/PMK.01/2021.

The steps for using the QR code in PELITA are based on the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 186/PMK.01/2021 for more details, you can watch it on the YouTube channel of the Financial Professional Development Center.

It should be emphasized that the KAP must upload the client’s complete financial statements first to get the QR code. In addition, the PELITA application will adjust this regulation starting in May 2022. If KAP feels the need to have its own QR code system, KAP can make the system independently after obtaining approval from the Head of the Center by fulfilling certain conditions.

Through this QR code, it is hoped that the audit services of the public accounting profession can be protected and can reduce LAI practices issued by unauthorized parties.

Author: Alexander Fransiskus Asisi | Editor: Rifki Okta Mulyawan

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